Employees are unique,
Their development should be too

Smashpath is a tool that helps you retain employees by fostering an open coaching environment in the workplace.

Career Path Tool For Companies

Smashpath is a career planning software product

For Companies

that operate in highly skilled tech and creative markets

For Leaders

that live with high employee turnover and need to motivate 

For People

who want to be in the driving seat of their career journey while aligning with organisation goals

SmashPath shows there is more than one pathway to success


SmashPath encourages employees to embrace internal networks


SmashPath finds value-adding projects

SmashPath does not replace standard HR systems - it is not performance management, target setting or succession planning


A career planning software product designed for multiple users and customised to each company structure. It has in-built privacy controls and unique management reports that summarise the level of engagement for each team. Capturing both quantative measures and free text, the product is designed to engage employees throughout the year.


Intuitive Design

The visual map of each employee's career path is interactive, encouraging more than one path to success.

PC & Tablet Friendly

This career pathway tool is available on a range of devices, enabling the employee the flexibility of updating at a time that suits them.

Web Based

The software is delivered as a web service, minimizing administration and maintenance.

Reports & Metrics

Managers can produce reports that summarize their team’s progress and engage with the system at a glance.

Motivates Thinking

Open, regular dialogue between managers and team members motivates both parties to continually review career pathways.

Supports Performance Management

A complimentary tool to regular performance management systems, focusing more on pathway options and opportunities than KPIs and targets.

Our Story

If only we had known earlier
........ the catchcry when highly valued employees resign.

When Joe McCorry and Paula Allen were sipping coffee in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, they discussed the
challenges of keeping highly skilled employees. As they mulled over the pitfalls and battles of regular reviews, they agreed on several points

  • Money can hurt as much as it helps. When engaged for the right reasons the new workforce will work hard, some 24/7 – they are not slackers.
  • Motivation comes from both learning and teaching. Regular dialogue with leaders can slow staff turnaround at all levels.
  • Professional and personal purpose must be aligned. Individually set goals will inspire people to take on new challenges.

Joe and Paula’s shared experience in managing large teams had proven that the time taken for employees to shift from highly productive to putting in minimal effort could be short. It also varied between individuals. Existing corporate career management systems were not referenced during this transition phase and did not adjust to individual timeframes.

Career planning tools today need to align with other pervasive digital media, be flexible and employee driven. And so the idea of SmashPath was born.

Shortly after, Joe introduced the idea to Narelle in Singapore. Facing her own career transition Narelle loved the idea and, over a cup of chai tea, they agreed to join forces and scale up the project. Narelle’s experience in innovation and technology business development meant that she was well placed to lead the team as President of SmashPath.

The SmashPath team has a unique and diverse set of skills. They are also driven by a common passion to personalise career development, ensuring that individual dreams and company goals are aligned.


Companies Today

  • Introverts and extroverts need open coaching systems with flexibility; many systems are designed for the masses.
  • People come or stay for money, they don’t work harder for it.
  • The best career program offers to chance to teach, learn and find a new challenges.
  • Time between high productivity and loss of focus at work varies from individual to individual, but annual review systems impair career-pathing and productivity.
  • People want more control over their career path and are increasingly taking control, especially in technology and creative markets.

Our Career planning Tool

  • We create understanding beyond core functions which creates the best leaders and organizational results.
  • Our method is bottom up, guided by the leaders as time is scarce.
  • Creativity is in every person and we will help you rapidly tap it to scale.
  • We foster an on-the-job development and coaching environment and still identify external training if required.
  • We deploy a career path system that complements traditional objectives methods allowing for different personalities to succeed.

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