About Us

When Joe McCorry and Paula Allen were sipping coffee in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, they discussed the challenges of keeping highly skilled employees. As they mulled over the pitfalls and battles of regular reviews, they agreed on several points.

  • Money can hurt as much as it helps. When engaged for the right reasons the new workforce will work hard, some 24/7 – they are not slackers.
  • Motivation comes from both learning and teaching. Regular dialogue with leaders can slow staff turnaround at all levels.
  • Professional and personal purpose must be aligned. Individually set goals will inspire people to take on new challenges.

Joe and Paula’s shared experience in managing large teams had proven that the time taken for employees to shift from highly productive to putting in minimal effort could be short. It also varied between individuals. Existing corporate career management systems were not referenced during this transition phase and did not adjust to individual time frames.

Career planning tools today need to align with other pervasive digital media, be flexible and employee driven. And so the idea of SmashPath was born.

Shortly after, Joe introduced the idea to Narelle in Singapore. Facing her own career transition Narelle loved the idea and over a cup of chai tea, they agreed to join forces and scale up the project. Narelle’s experience in innovation and technology business development meant that she was well placed to lead the team as President of SmashPath.

The SmashPath team has a unique and diverse set of skills. They are also driven by a common passion to personalizse career development, ensuring that individual dreams and company goals are aligned.